Industrial automation is adopted widely across Indian shopfloors to boost productivity and save costs. Currently, the automation industry in India is worth $2 Billion and poised to hit $1 Trillion by 2025 with the manufacturing sector set to create 90 million new jobs. This will require a set of highly skilled workforce with expertise in IoT, Robotics & Augmented Reality to be deployed across industry-sectors.

Thanks to structured reforms & implementation of GST, warehouse occupancy is set to almost double over the next 3 years. Consumption of warehousing space has been flying high at 60% year on year growth with both metro & Tier-2 cities in the mix.

There is an ever-increasing need to integrate Information Technology with Operational Technology processes within a manufacturing facility. This leads to not only does this lead to timely & quality data generation at a basic level, but it also helps in effective decision making resulting in an error-free assembly line, optimum stock optimisation & predictive analysis. While mature markets have mastered the Smart Factory concept, India too is slowly but surely moving towards digitisation of its manufacturing industry. Connected modules within an industrial facility lead to efficient assembly lines, which in turn lead to quicker customer response timelines & effective fulfilment of market demands.

With the manufacturing world going through a paradigm shift and moving towards smart & future-ready technologies, there is a huge need for an impactful and effective platform that will help bring the entire ecosystem of integrated technology under one roof. ‘World of Manufacturing’ will be a 360-degree platform with a potent mix of knowledge forums, live demonstrations & business networking area.

‘World of Manufacturing’ will showcase the latest innovations, products and technology in the integrated manufacturing arena to address burgeoning needs of this fast-developing economy. The platform will also provide buyers with a unique opportunity to see the future unfolding by simulating a working factory floor in a live environment.